Journey of the Bearded Tarot


Doug Hammett

The History of the Journey of the Bearded Tarot 
The traditional Tarot deck is a collection of 78 illustrated cards, speculated to have originated in the 15th century or even earlier. On a surface level, the decks were used as playing cards for mere entertainment. Yet under closer inspection, the illustrations reveal a profound archetypal language, speaking to a universal story of humankind’s heroic journey to find meaning in this complex universe. 
Although hundreds of decks have been re-imagined by different artists over the years, the meaning of the individual cards remains consistent. 22 cards comprise the Major Arcana (Big Secret) and the other 56 cards make up the Minor Arcana (Little Secret). Unique to the “Journey of the Bearded Tarot” deck the cards can be laid out in a linear fashion, following the lineup of this book, revealing several hidden journeys through both Major and Minor Arcana. 
Being a gay male in society, I bring to this Tarot deck a perspective beyond the traditional heteronormative model; breaking through gender roles and claiming all aspects of our full being. The traditional female archetypes are being embodied by the male figures to give a unique view of what it means to be male in society. Claiming and nurturing these feminine aspects of ones masculinity is essential for healing and liberation.   
Major Arcana & Minor Arcana
The Major Arcana portrays the phases of one’s life from early innocence and societal rearing, to phases of outer independence and initiation, which eventually returns to an inner spiritual maturation.
The Minor Arcana depicts a more detailed initiation through the four elements: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The traditional four suits found in the Tarot deck, Cups, Swords, Wands, and Coins directly relate to these elements as well as seasons and psychological types. 
The deck serves as a way to view life, moment to moment, from a multitude of perspectives, giving insight to that which might normally remain hidden. Take part in the "Journey of the Bearded Tarot" alone or with others.