The "Tarot of the Bearded Journey," illustrated and interpreted by Doug Hammett, embodies a fresh approach to the traditional imagery of the Tarot. 


Unique to Hammett's deck, the cards can be laid out in a linear fashion, revealing several hidden journeys through both Major and Minor Arcana. This book gives one the opportunity to see this progression.


Hammett's re-visioning of the 78 cards brings a fresh perspective to the world of Tarot, and the universal story of the humankind's heroic journey to find meaning in this complex universe.

Journey of the Bearded Tarot Book (softback)

SKU: 9781389527210
  • Dimensions of the book (softback): 6 5/8" x 6 5/8" x 1/2"

    The dimensions of the book are a bit larger than the size of the original cards so one still has an intimate relationship to the images and words.